On this page we want to describe how our recruitment process and how we handle your application. The steps described below is a generic version, and there may be slight deviation between each vacancy.


When you apply for a vacancy at Danish Agro, your application must always be sent electronically via a link in the posting on our website.

If you wish to apply unsolicited, you can read more about how that process is progressing here.


In the initial screening process, we evaluate your application and CV. We look at your previous job experience, education, leisure activities, and other things that would be relevant in terms of evaluating your match to the specific job.

All applications we receive are handled with respect and in strict confidentiality. If you are not invited to a personal interview, you will receive a written refusal to the email that you have registered when you applied.


When we recruit white-collar workers and managers, there will be two interviews. You will receive the invitations on your mail.

At the first interview we want to get a thorough impression of you, your expectations and qualifications. You get an insight into the job's tasks, Danish Agro as a workplace and our culture and values.

Once we have evaluated the first interviews, 2-4 candidates are invited to the 2nd interview.

At the second interview, we will go into more details with your professional and personal qualifications, and prior to the interview you will be asked to complete a personality test, which we also will follow up on in the interview. We want to ensure that position is the right match you and visa versa, and the personality test provides an important part of that.

Our expectation for the interview is to get to know you and your qualifications better. Among other things, we will ask about your previous experience, your motivation, your results and your expectations for the new role. We expect our dialogue to be open and honest, as our desire is to find the right person for the job.

During the conversations, we will also talk about the scope and possibilities of the job as well as the team and the department you are about to become a part of. This is so you better can assess whether this matches your expectations.


As part of our screening and the search for the right person for the job, we collect references from previous hires. This is to learn more about your achievements, professional skills and personal characteristics. As part of the recruitment process, you will probably be asked about potential references, and thus we collect references in agreement with you.

You are very welcome to attach recommendations or referrals when you apply for a position with us.


If we offer you the job, the hiring manager will contact you directly. Soon after an agreement has been made, we will send you an employment contract.

If you have been interviewed and unfortunately are not offered the job, the hiring manager or HR will contact you directly. If you have not been invited to an interview, you will receive a written refusal by email.


Once your application has been submitted, you will immediately get a confirmation that we have received it. After that, we know the waiting time can feel long, as the actual processing of the applications requires resources and time. The entire recruitment process can take several weeks, but we are always working to give quick notice of whether you have moved on in the process.

We look forward to receiving your application.