Find your next exciting job in the agricultural industry here. We are constantly looking for new employees, and the positions will be posted on this page.

Together with good colleagues, your most important task as an employee at the Danish Agro group is to create value for our farmers and customers in daily life. This goes for all jobs with us. Below you will find a wide range of positions covering the our agribusiness, shops and machinery activities.

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Barselsvikar LaborantDanish Agro a.m.b.a.Nordre Havnegade 3, 9400 NørresundbyDanmark
Butiksassistent Ringsted Danish Agro ShoppenThorsvej 1, 4100 RingstedDanmark
Butiksleder BrønderslevDanish Agro ShoppenØstergade 94, 9700 BrønderslevDanmark
Butiksleder St. MerløseDanish Agro ShoppenDrejervej 5, 4370 Store MerløseDanmark
LaborantDanish Agro a.m.b.a.Nordre Havnegade 3, 9400 NørresundbyDanmark
Praktikant til værdibaseret salgDanish Agro a.m.b.a.Danmark
Senior Change & Implementation ManagerDanish Agro Machinery HoldingKornmarken 1, 8464 GaltenDanmark
TankbilchaufførDanish Agro a.m.b.a.Sjellebrovej 10, Lime, 8544 MørkeDanmark