Cultivating Valueis the Danish Agro group's value statement, which we try to live by every day.

For us Cultivating Value, means that we focus on creating and ensuring added value for both our employees and for our customers.

  • Cultivatingrefers to a desire and a passion to strengthen, cultivate and refine concrete products or human characteristics and knowledge.
  • Valuerefers to the added value we want to see in our customers, whether through concrete results on the individual farm or through enhanced knowledge.

Thus, the development of our employees is also part of Danish Agro's valuation. We rely heavily on the knowledge of our employees – therefore it is crucial that we retain and attract the most qualified employees.

Cultivating Employees 

Whether you are a new or established employee in Danish Agro, you can expect a work environment where there is dialogue, and a willingness to work with your personal development and contribution to the overall strategy. We want to be able to attract both the best and most qualified employees, while also retaining skilled employees. This is what we call Cultivating Employees.

Our employees are one of the most important resources we have. Therefore, it is important that we continuously develop the competences and knowledge of our employees. At Danish Agro, we have developed a dialogue-based conversation tool, Cultivating Dialogues, where the employee and manager discuss the individual's employee's role in relation to the overall strategy. Thus, our cultivating dialogues greatly support our strategy and development of Danish Agro group, preparing the company to handle future challenges.

In addition to creating value for our customers, we also want to create value for our employees – this is what we call Cultivating Employees.