At Danish Agro, we believe that management and management development should be a value-creating collaborative relationship across the organization and internally within the management team.

We believe that we can create the greatest possible customer focus in the organization and value for our customers through this approach. Results are created when management set a common direction and ensures coordination and a mutual commitment and dedication in order to succeed together. This way of running leadership is called Cultivating Leadership.  

The leadership approach in Danish Agro is to ensure that our employees has a direction that is produced for the individual employee's role and responsibility in relation to the common direction. Leaders must ensure that there is coordination and working methods as well as engagement, so that we achieve our goals and create value for our customers.  

It is the key, that leaders through coaching, involvement, delegation, goals and dialogue, ensure that the employees are engaged in our common direction. Formally, the direction is ensured through our Cultivating Dialogues, which is a dialogue between employee and manager, which is carried out four times a year. Each dialogue has its focus areas, but together they contribute to the direction, coordination and commitment of the individual employees. This means we create value both for customers, the company and our employees.