The Danish Agro group was established in 1901 as a local agricultural cooperative. Today we consists of about 100 agro-industrial companies with our main focus around the Baltic Sea.

The group employs approximately 5,000 people and is owned by 9,000 Danish farmers. Our most important task is to be the best possible partner for our owners and customers. The Danish Agro Group is mainly engaged in the sale of feed, raw material and vitamin premixtures, fertilizers, plant protection, seeds, machine trading and energy, as well as the purchase of crops from the agriculture.

The parent company Danish Agro is based on a number of proud Danish commodity companies, which have continuously become part of the family. We take great pride in being part of the Danish cooperative movement, and we are committed to running our business according to the original cooperative principles. We are set up to promote the economic interests of our members in the best possible way.


Danish Agro is owned by 9,000 Danish farmers, and our most important task is to be the best possible partner for our owners and customers and create maximum value and growth for the farmers we work with.


We are one of the largest and most important partners for agriculture in the Baltic Sea region. The Group reports more than 5,000 employees in six business divisions and approximately 100 subsidiaries in 17 countries.


We are among the market leaders in our field, also outside Denmark, and everything we do, we do to be the best possible partner for farmers who require high-quality products, services and employees.


We are part of everything from farm to fork, and we are really proud of that.  

Our daily focus is to create and ensure value for our owners and customers – we call it Cultivating Value.